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South Africa

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You have Questions... We have Answers

01. Who is Gorilla Store

We are two guys that have grown increasingly frustrated with the pricing of fitness equipment in South Africa. We have therefore taken it upon ourselves to reward the market place with fair prices and better value for everyone through our partners.



02. Can I buy online?

To keep our costs low (to allow us to keep our prices low) we initially setup this site to allow our partners to view what we have on offer and submit a purchase query. As we have grown we have now introduced our online store. In short, YES you can buy online.



03. Do you do wholesale? 

We are trying to get products to our partner retailers and boxes at as cheap a price as possible. In order to achieve this, we do sell in bulk at wholesale prices. Please contact us for wholesale pricing on all our items



04. Can I collect my order?

You sure can! Saves on shipping costs and if it makes your life easier we are all for it. Our address details are available on our contact page​

05. Can I return my purchases?

You bet ya. If the products we sell you are defective in any way we will be more than happy to swop them out for you or offer you a full refund. All printing for custom orders will only be undertaken once signed off by you. Final sign off is unfortunately final as we outsource all of our printing.​



06. How long will it take to get my goods?

In stock - If it's here with us we can have it with you within 48 hours if you don't require any branding or other customisation.


Out of stock - We can get most of our goods here within 10 working days but we generally keep enough stock of everything.


Branded - If you require branding or other customisation we will need some time to get it done. Once we have the final artwork approved the printing takes an extra 5 working days.​



07. Can you do.....? 

In short...yes. We are here to assist in making your lives as easy as possible. If there is something we can do to help, we are more than happy to oblige. ​If we do not stock something that you would like us to source at our ridiculously low prices, we will do our best to have it up on this site quicker than a chimp to a banana.